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Photo taken from travelyukon. The capital and largest city of the Yukon about 25, inhabitants sits on a valley on the shores of the mythical Yukon river. Created from the gold boom found in the relatively close Klondike river. The center of the city is laid out with straight, perfectly parallel and perpendicular streets, and it does not offer much apart from a couple of nice buildings. The most remarkable things:. It is a shiploader of the time.

Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center. Research center and museum that studies the history of Beringia.

Ariel Body

Yukon River. The most beautiful of Whitehorse are the walks that have been built on the banks of the river, taking you to wonderful spots.

A minute walk from downtown is a very cute and well-priced campsite where you can base yourself during your stay in Whitehorse. The news of the gold found in the Klondike river in spread like wildfire and many people wanted to come to these distant lands to try their luck. But of course, back then there were hardly any roads in the area Most of them came from boats that left the US coast to Alaska.

Then it was time to walk. This was one of the mountain passes that more gold seekers took, a route of hundreds of kilometers that was going to leave many dead along the way. Ironically, those who made it found many men there They had taken so long that even transport routes had been created up to the Klondike river. A small segment of this route has remained as a legacy to all of them, the brave who, moved by greed or by the spirit of adventure, undertook this journey that today is history.

The trip normally takes three to five days and there are several designated campgrounds. The trail is roughly divided into three climatic zones: coastal rain forest, high alpine forest and boreal forest. It is an extremely popular route, and to prevent the degradation of the ecosystem the US and Canadian Parks Services have created a permit system so that only a maximum of 50 backpackers can start the journey each day. By the way, Skagway is a nice town to see in Alaska, located on the edge of a sea arm.

My favorite Park in Canada! Its remote location, extension, low popularity and stratospheric beauty make it possible to enjoy a walk through the wildest nature during days in solitude. If you are going to make a route with overnight stay, it is mandatory to go first to the Visitor Center, in Haines Junction. There they will give you a Wilderness Permit, a bear canister to store the food from bears and a map of your route.

It is also recommended to bring a bear spray. If you are not really into hiking there are short routes and even other things to do by car, stopping at viewpoints, lakes and so on. But if you like hiking do not hesitate to make a long route, because this park is a wonder. I recommend the longest one, the Cottonwood Trail, an kilometer loop that starts south of Haines Junction you can start either at Kathleen Lake or at Mush Lake Road. It is a long one, but quite flat. It goes through mountain passes, dense forests, fields and valleys filled with flowers, sparkling lakes and raging rivers.

Another element that adds difficulty is that there are no bridges and you will have to cross two or three rivers that could cover you up to your waist. Dogs are welcome! But be aware of bears. It is one of the areas with the highest density of bears in all of Canada there is Grizzly and Black Bear.

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There are also moose, Dall sheep, mountain goats, different species of birds including ptarmigan This town of less than inhabitants does not have much, but it enjoys very cool surroundings, with many beaches on the Yukon river. It is a good stop to get to know a quiet town of the Yukon and enjoy nature. These two less traveled populations are quite apart.

They are two pleasant towns with a series of surrounding lakes. Come and explore them. The adventure on this dirt road is unmatched. This route that starts a few kilometers east of Dawson City takes you to Inuvik, at the foot of the Arctic Ocean. All through pine forests that progressively dwarf, to the point that one is taller than them And many bare areas of tundra, where only the strongest and bravest plants grow at ground level, forming a species of fluffy carpet.

Apart from hours and hours through a Martian landscape, the milestone of crossing the Arctic Circle is reached, a point from which the sun hardly sets or appears, in winter. The adventure also includes the passage of two giant rivers Peel and Mackenzie in a free ferry service and, in winter, by driving through natural ice bridges. Not to mention the high chances of seeing Grizzlies and other wildlife.

Tombstone Territorial Park. A giant park of mountains and hills through which rivers meander and beautiful lakes rest. There are several campsites where you can make base for excursions, but you can also make a long route and make wild camping. Dogs are welcome throughout the Par k, always carefully because there are bears lurking! Crossing the Arctic Circle. Just past Eagle Plains, a kind of service station where many stay overnight, you get to the exact point where the Arctic Circle starts, marked by a sign. It sounds like a joke, but you get to feel extreme joy!

Seldom can you say that you have been so far north It is the only place where you can get to the Arctic by land in Canada, because there are no more roads that go all the way up in the country. In Alaska there is another route that leads north.

How the Quest was (almost) won | Yukon River Quest

Also, this part is especially beautiful on the Dempster Hwy, with some mountains breaking the monotony of the tundra meadows. This "highway" does not only belong to the Yukon, but also to this Territory of Canada. Welcome to the Northwest Territories! In the whole journey there are only two small populations, obviously native: Fort McPherson, Tsiigehtchic. It is interesting to stop in them and contemplate the local life.

We are out in the sticks, literally. With more than 3, people, Inuvik is one of the northernmost cities on the planet. The trip along the Dempster Highway has been worthwhile to reach a place that, although not particularly beautiful, breathes adventure. If you have made it in summer, you will have infinite days, with a sun that will always accompany you. If, on the contrary, you have come in winter you will not even see our favorite star.

The Yukon River Quest: 715km of dehydration, hallucinations and days that never end

But surely you will see green lights dancing through the sky. The best thing about Inuvik is that feeling of victory to have reached the finish line. But there are more things to do other than celebrate. For example:. Our Lady of Victory Church. Also called "Igloo Church", this church is the most photographed building in the city. Muslims can also come to pray in Inuvik, which has one of the most northern mosques in the world. Delta del Mackenzie. Inuvik rests on this delta, and a walk along the banks of the river is one of its main attractions.

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  • But please, beware of mosquitoes and the fearsome black flies! Green areas.

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    There are a couple of trails on the outskirts of the city, but those forests are crammed with mosquitoes and the fearsome black flies too. Difficult to enjoy them…. Great Northern Arts Festival. In their paintings full of snow, northern lights, dog sledding and animals like caribou, the way of life of these people is reflected.

    Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere
    Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere
    Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere
    Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere
    Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere
    Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere Up The Yukon - Halfway to nowhere

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