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Here's the delicious irony of Trump attacking his former top lawyer: McGahn's refusal to heed the President's directive to fire Mueller -- or to tell the deputy attorney general to fire Mueller -- very well may have saved Trump's presidency.

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Let's go through this step-by-step -- starting with how Mueller described Trump's interaction with McGahn over the special counsel. Here's the relevant passage bolding is mine :.

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McGahn did not carry out the direction, however, deciding that he would resign rather than trigger what he regarded as a potential Saturday Night Massacre. Richardson resigned rather than carry out the order, as did deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus. That moment was seen as the beginning of the end for Nixon -- a sign that as the walls of the Watergate investigation were closing in, he was panicking. The spark for Cox's removal was that he had requested Nixon turn over tapes of private White House conversations -- and Nixon refused. Here's that and again, bolding is mine :.

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In the same meeting, the President also asked McGahn why he had told the Special Counsel about the President's effort to remove the Special Counsel and why McGahn took notes of his conversations with the President. McGahn refused to back away from what he remembered happening and perceived the President to be testing his mettle. McGahn's two moments of refusal to accede to Trump's wishes are massive pivot points in the presidency.

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If McGahn had made different decisions than he did -- especially on that day in June --Trump's time in the White House might be looking very, very different today. Consider what would have happened if McGahn had followed Trump's orders almost two years ago. Mueller would have been fired -- either by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or someone beneath him if he had refused, and either resigned or been fired for refusing. That removal would have set off a political cataclysm, with Democrats insisting that Trump was abusing executive power to protect himself and even some Republicans, who to that point had largely stayed in line behind Trump, breaking free at what would have looked like a very clear power play by the chief executive.


And, in truth, the removal of Mueller -- and the possible resignation of Rosenstein -- likely wouldn't have changed all that much, to start. Another special counsel would almost certainly have been named; it would have been hard for the Justice Department not to do so if Trump had fired the two people leading the investigation in just a few months' time Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey.

The investigation would have continued, but with the stain of Trump's firing of Mueller hanging over it.

And you can be sure that when Democrats retook control of the House in the midterms, the push for impeachment proceedings would have begun. It's not clear to me that Senate Republicans would have, ultimately, gone along with the impeachment but it would have had a hell of a lot better chance than it does right now.

Overarching all of this is the fact that, according to Mueller, neither Trump -- nor anyone in his inner circle -- had committed the underlying crime of colluding with the Russians to help him win the election. Given that, it's insane to think Trump wanted McGahn to fire Mueller -- since that is literally the most guilty-looking thing you could possibly do. Trump may be mad that McGahn talked so much to the special counsel and took "so-called 'notes'" of their conversations.

Well, I do not agree with the statement above.

And I have a few reasons for it. I do affirm that an aspiring husband should prepare to financially provide for his future spouse. But this does not mean he has to achieve a fool-proof financial stability.

He only needs to have an acceptable level of financial stability this depends from couple to couple. It is indeed an indicator, but not the most important.

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After all, a man who commits to a woman will work hard towards financial stability. His commitment is his motivation.

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Some single men could be thinking that financial stability is easier achieved during their single years. A study of retirement data shows that individuals who were continuously married had 75 percent more wealth at retirement than those who never married or who divorced and did not remarry. Even more remarkably, married men have been shown to earn percent more than do single men with similar education and job histories.

Why would this be?

Saved and Single Saved and Single
Saved and Single Saved and Single
Saved and Single Saved and Single
Saved and Single Saved and Single
Saved and Single Saved and Single
Saved and Single Saved and Single
Saved and Single Saved and Single
Saved and Single Saved and Single
Saved and Single

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