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Walter Hawkins- Jesus Christ Is The Way

This Gospel is so simple that small children can understand it, and it is so profound that studies by the wisest theologians will never exhaust its riches. All Christians are called to unity in love and unity in truth. The Bible declares that all who truly trust in Christ and his Gospel are sons and daughters of God through grace, and hence are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

All who are justified experience reconciliation with the Father, full remission of sins, transition from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light, the reality of being a new creature in Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. They enjoy access to the Father with all the peace and joy that this brings.

The Gospel requires of all believers worship, which means constant praise and giving of thanks to God, submission to all that he has revealed in his written word, prayerful dependence on him, and vigilance lest his truth be even inadvertently compromised or obscured. To share the joy and hope of this Gospel is a supreme privilege. It is also an abiding obligation, for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ still stands: proclaim the Gospel everywhere, he said, teaching, baptizing, and making disciples.

By embracing the following declaration we affirm our commitment to this task, and with it our allegiance to Christ himself, to the Gospel itself, and to each other as fellow evangelical believers. The Patristic Rule of Faith, the historic creeds, the Reformation confessions, and the doctrinal bases of later evangelical bodies all witness to the substance of this biblical message. The heart of the Gospel is that our holy, loving Creator, confronted with human hostility and rebellion, has chosen in his own freedom and faithfulness to become our holy, loving Redeemer and Restorer.

Yet God in grace took the initiative to reconcile us to himself through the sinless life and vicarious death of his beloved Son Eph. Jesus paid our penalty in our place on his cross, satisfying the retributive demands of divine justice by shedding his blood in sacrifice and so making possible justification for all who trust in him Rom. The Bible describes this mighty substitutionary transaction as the achieving of ransom, reconciliation, redemption, propitiation, and conquest of evil powers Matt. The faith in God and in Christ to which the Gospel calls us is a trustful outgoing of our hearts to lay hold of these promised and proffered benefits.

This Gospel further proclaims the bodily resurrection, ascension, and enthronement of Jesus as evidence of the efficacy of his once-for-all sacrifice for us, of the reality of his present personal ministry to us, and of the certainty of his future return to glorify us 1 Cor.

God Provided a Savior

In the life of faith as the Gospel presents it, believers are united with their risen Lord, communing with him, and looking to him in repentance and hope for empowering through the Holy Spirit, so that henceforth they may not sin but serve him truly. All we bring to the transaction is our need of it.

Faith links us savingly to Jesus, but inasmuch as it involves an acknowledgment that we have no merit of our own, it is confessedly not a meritorious work. The Gospel assures us that all who have en trusted their lives to Jesus Christ are born-again children of God John , indwelt, empowered, and assured of their status and hope by the Holy Spirit Rom.

Salvation Through Jesus Christ & Answering What is Salvation?

The moment we truly believe in Christ, the Father declares us righteous in him and begins conforming us to his likeness. Genuine faith acknowledges and depends upon Jesus as Lord and shows itself in growing obedience to the divine commands, though this contributes nothing to the ground of our justification James ; Heb. The Gospel calls us to live as obedient servants of Christ and as his emissaries in the world, doing justice, loving mercy, and helping all in need, thus seeking to bear witness to the kingdom of Christ.

At death, Christ takes the believer to himself Phil. Salvation in its full sense is from the guilt of sin in the past, the power of sin in the present, and the presence of sin in the future. Thus, while in foretaste believers enjoy salvation now, they still await its fullness Mark ; Heb. Salvation is a Trinitarian reality, initiated by the Father, implemented by the Son, and applied by the Holy Spirit. Unity in the Gospel Christians are commanded to love each other despite differences of race, gender, privilege, and social, political, and economic background John ; Gal. We know that divisions among Christians hinder our witness in the world, and we desire greater mutual understanding and truth-speaking in love.

Doctrinal disagreements call for debate. Dialogue for mutual understanding and, if possible, narrowing of the differences is valuable, doubly so when the avowed goal is unity in primary things, with liberty in secondary things, and charity in all things. In the foregoing paragraphs, an attempt has been made to state what is primary and essential in the Gospel as evangelicals understand it.

Useful dialogue, however, requires not only charity in our attitudes, but also clarity in our utterances. Our extended analysis of justification by faith alone through Christ alone reflects our belief that Gospel truth is of crucial importance and is not always well understood and correctly affirmed. Affirmations and Denials: 1. God is its author, and he reveals it to us in and by his Word. Its authority and truth rest on him alone.

Only One Way? The Exclusivity of Jesus Christ and the Gospel

We deny that the truth or authority of the Gospel derives from any human insight or invention Gal. We also deny that the truth or authority of the Gospel rests on the authority of any particular church or human institution. We affirm that the Gospel is the saving power of God in that the Gospel effects salvation to everyone who believes, without distinction Rom. This efficacy of the Gospel is by the power of God himself 1 Cor. We deny that the power of the Gospel rests in the eloquence of the preacher, the technique of the evangelist, or the persuasion of rational argument 1 Cor.

We deny any rejection of the fallenness of human nature or any assertion of the natural goodness, or divinity, of the human race. We affirm that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation, the only mediator between God and humanity John ; 1 Tim.

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We deny that anyone is saved in any other way than by Jesus Christ and his Gospel. The Bible offers no hope that sincere worshipers of other religions will be saved without personal faith in Jesus Christ. We affirm that the church is commanded by God and is therefore under divine obligation to preach the Gospel to every living person Luke ; Matt. We deny that any particular class or group of persons, whatever their ethnic or cultural identity, may be ignored or passed over in the preaching of the Gospel 1 Cor.

God purposes a global church made up from people of every tribe, language, and nation Rev. We deny that any view of Jesus Christ which reduces or rejects his full deity is Gospel faith or will avail to salvation. We affirm that Jesus Christ is God incarnate John The virgin-born descendant of David Rom. We affirm that faith in the true humanity of Christ is essential to faith in the Gospel. We deny that anyone who rejects the humanity of Christ, his incarnation, or his sinlessness, or who maintains that these truths are not essential to the Gospel, will be saved 1 John We deny that any view of the Atonement that rejects the substitutionary satisfaction of divine justice, accomplished vicariously for believers, is compatible with the teaching of the Gospel.

Plan of Salvation

As Christians, we know this to be true and are given daily opportunities to share Him with people around us. We also know that Jesus is the only way to the Father. No one comes to the Father except through me. Jesus is the source of life. What does that mean for Christians? It means we should share His love with our friends, family, coworkers, and community. Be present with others. Jesus told Zacchaeus that he must come and stay at his house, today.

This is one of many examples where Jesus teaches us to be present with people. He was willing to sit with sinners and to eat with the most outcast people in society. Invite people into your home and break bread with them. See people as Jesus would. Jesus saw people at their point of need.

He walked through Jericho and restored sight to a blind man who was begging on the roadside.

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  • Jesus is the Only Way.
  • 1. Jesus Christ is the Only Way to Eternal Salvation with God the Father.

Crowds tried to silence the blind man as He called to Jesus for help.

On The Way To Jesus Christ On The Way To Jesus Christ
On The Way To Jesus Christ On The Way To Jesus Christ
On The Way To Jesus Christ On The Way To Jesus Christ
On The Way To Jesus Christ On The Way To Jesus Christ
On The Way To Jesus Christ On The Way To Jesus Christ
On The Way To Jesus Christ On The Way To Jesus Christ
On The Way To Jesus Christ On The Way To Jesus Christ

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