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Dust Collectors: Office Dinosaurs You Used to Love

Use our Desktop Communicator to send and receive faxes right from your desk. When you receive faxes they are processed in the cloud and delivered to you via email in the form of a pdf. You never have to leave your seat which means more convenience and more productivity. Going paperless means no more fax line costs, no more fax machine to maintain, and no more paper and toner to buy!

Although I try to email everything I still get requests that ask for fax correspondence. I went paperless and I never looked back. No more fax machine to maintain and I saw all my costs go down heavily. I love faxing from my desk and getting my faxes delivered to my inbox. You have to love technology!

Ending the love affair with the fax machine

First Name:. I never used it myself, but it was kind of nice to help other people in the office building with their occasional fax. It was almost always government, tax, or real estate related. But for their work as writers, as lawyers, as marketing people So it became an easy way to build up some good karma.

But still, most of the time, it just sat there. I only changed the ink cartridge occasionally because it would get gummed up for lack of use. I feel sorry for it. So I unplugged my fax machine. And no one has complained yet.

Dust Collectors: Office Dinosaurs You Used to Love | FaxFX

I could sell the old fax machine on craigslist, I suppose. But I'll keep it, just in case I have something tax or real-estate related to take care of. And then I'll just plug it in to my regular old phone line to use. Assuming I still I have one at that point. If you're interested in a project, please visit my company site, ElectricCitizen.

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Dan Moriarty Design. Goodbye Fax Aug Comments 1 Still love faxes? Submitted by danmoriarty on Fri, Still use a fax yourself?

Love Fax Love Fax
Love Fax Love Fax
Love Fax Love Fax
Love Fax Love Fax
Love Fax Love Fax
Love Fax Love Fax

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