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BBQ Firelighting. Twizlers Wool Wood Firelighters. Knowledge Base. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. While I realize this was a collection of short stories, I think they lacked the needed set up in many places. It really could have used a bit of polishing up by a complete stranger, perhaps. That's not to say that the stories that did make me laugh weren't absolutely hilarious. It really made me want to sit down with the author over a cup of coffee and just chat and joke around. Her writing shows that she's just as likable as she is humorous.

The best example of this comes in Chapter You see, our dear Ms. Judi likes to completely and utterly mortify her children. I like that.

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I love that. I'm totally doing it to my kid. Overall, this a good read, the funny and fully-described stories make it extraordinarily laugh-worthy. While I mention the flat stories, I don't think it devalues the book too awful much. And hey, maybe I just don't have the sense of humor I thought I had.

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Recommended for the 30 and something women friends. I could see my friends and I reading parts of this together and not only identifying but adding our own humorous tales. Jan 20, Tom Dye rated it it was ok Shelves: non-fiction. I almost didn't finish reading this book, but every few chapters I'd get a small morsel of entertainment and so I just kept on reading. I think the entire purpose of the book was simply that the author wanted to be able to say she "wrote" a book. That is one reason to read it too, so you can say you "read" a book.

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I couldn't recommend it, but if you start reading this book, eventually you'll be finished with it, or not. Begin at your own risk. View all my reviews Apr 10, Chelle rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle. Her story telling and writing style remind me so much of a dear friend you know who you are. One of my favorite quote thus far: "This is my proposal: I think insurance shouldest for a lifetime supply of red wine. Simple right? Everyone knows that the tannins of the grape skin found in red wine have been found to be beneficial to the heart.

T Her story telling and writing style remind me so much of a dear friend you know who you are. The writing style is so similar to her blog posts. Well done, Judi Coltman. Well done.

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Mar 22, J. Tomlin rated it really liked it. This is a short read, but an enjoyable one. Is is quite funny in spots, however there were places where the humor missed I thought. It seemed to me that at times she rushed it a bit too much and didn't let the reader connect well enough with the characters. However, much of it was extremely funny. The author really does seem to be the kind of person you'd want to get to know and even be friends with.

She told the kind of story that women laugh together and tell each other. It is a good enjoyable r This is a short read, but an enjoyable one. It is a good enjoyable read even if not perfect, which few things are. And I don't want to say this is a book that men wouldn't enjoy, but this is particularly one that I think women will enjoy and identify with.

Sep 22, Michele rated it did not like it. I made it about half way before I just gave up. This book just was not my cup of tea. I did not find it funny at all and actually think I may have lost IQ points from just attempting to read it.


The stories made me think of a group of sad middle age women with nothing to do with their lives but gossip, giggle and pretend they are still the popular girls in high school while everyone else is actually making a difference in the world. Jun 11, Michele rated it it was amazing. I'm loving it! Btw, I have NEVER rated a book before finishing it other than to say how horrible it is so that should tell you something! Love love love!

This book was hilarious, truthful and really had me laughing my pants off! I envisioned with her all of the things that she is talking about, from the dreaded "Movie" that you watch as a young lady in school to the "worry" that will always encompass you as a mother. This was so simply written, but grabbed you with each chapter. Definitely worth the read! Jan 24, Terry rated it liked it. Cute little book. While not everything was roll on the floor funny, there definitely were some moments. Being from the area helps a bit too. It lends to a better knowledge of the people and places in the book.

At times it is a bit hard to follow from chapter to chapter but, if you read it as every chapter is a short story it isn't too bad. Thanks for the laughs. Jan 23, Kaitlyn rated it it was ok. I personally found the writing hard to muddle through. Jan 30, Adrienne Testa rated it it was ok.

Would make a better act in a comedy club. It was amusing but I couldn't say it was laugh out loud funny.

You could relate to some of the things she spoke about. Some people will enjoy it, others will be amused by it. Feb 03, Bet Lantaff rated it did not like it Shelves: ebook-only , did-not-finish , kindle-free. I thought this free book would be good for a laugh. I couldn't stay interested and the book jumped around too much for my tastes.

It read more like a blog that was made into a book.

Little Nuts Little Nuts
Little Nuts Little Nuts
Little Nuts Little Nuts
Little Nuts Little Nuts
Little Nuts Little Nuts
Little Nuts Little Nuts
Little Nuts Little Nuts
Little Nuts Little Nuts

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