Just Be: and Other Things I have Learned

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Here is why I prefer working with partner.

7 Things I Have Learned Over 7 Months of Full-time Travel

I am a very social person. I live for social interaction and good conversation. Because of my ego I often told myself that I did not ever want to work with a partner. I wanted all the money and glory for myself. What I found out was that as I began to work alone I felt lonely. All of a sudden all the pressure to succeed was on me. This was very tough for me. My mental health started to decline rapidly and burn out was imminent. I decided that I prefer working with someone, even if that means I own a smaller share of the pie. Now be careful about this.

You should not just partner with someone because you want to have a friend nearby who you can gossip or goof off with. If you decide to partner with someone you need to be very picky about who you choose.

Why we Need "Bad" LDL Cholesterol - Dave Feldman Pt 2

People usually think that their best friend would be a good partner and sometimes the business ends up ruining the relationship altogether. Here are my tips on choosing the right partner:. My business was started without any prior knowledge of sales funnels. I am still learning about them and trying my best to implement them into my business.

At the time of writing this I am working on completing my first sales funnel, fingers crossed. I started running Facebook ads and Google ads to get eye balls onto my shopify store, but I was doing it all wrong. I was not building my email lists or using them in a way that would be effective. I was trying to target anyone that had diabetes rather than focusing on my dream customers. My website is also still a work in progress as I try to make it a place where more traffic will convert. You must define a clear sales funnel to attract your dream customers who will resonate with your message.

Once you have done this you need to make them customers for life. Retaining customers is so much easier than finding new ones and this can be done through a good sales funnel. There will always be unique opportunities in the market to make money. Believe me, I have a list on my phone of ideas that I see as opportunities. When times get tough and finances are grim, you need more than your desire of money to keep you afloat.

It is during the tough times that your passion and vision will help get you through. If you are not passionate about what you are doing you will eventually burn out and quit. Just remember that if you are not passionate for what you are doing, you will lose to someone who is passionate for that product or industry. The passionate individual will outlast you as they will remain motivated to see their dreams and visions through to the end. If you do want to make money than you may need to look at where your passions align with profitable opportunities in the market and choose something other than underwater basket weaving.

In the end making money is not evil if you pursue it and use it for the right reasons. Just be sure that it is not your foundation for why you wake up in the morning. There is much more to life than money. Initially I got way too caught up in doing everything in my business all the time. Every day I was clearing through my inbox, responding to reviews, managing inventory, posting on social media, etc. This caused serious burnout very quickly. I was overwhelmed and stressed every day and it began to show in my relationship with my friends and family.

One little trick changed everything for me. The trick was to make a theme for each day. What I mean by this is to do certain tasks 1 day a week and hyper focus on them in the time you allot for them. I did not make this law but it is very fitting given that my last name is Parkinson. If you give yourself 1 hour a week to respond to reviews then you will complete it in that 1 hour otherwise it will have to wait until the next week. If you give yourself all day to respond to reviews, then it will literally take you all day.

Let me paint a better picture of this technique for you. My personal theme for Monday is to work on my to do list and running errands. If I need to go buy stamps, or boxes, or anything for my business I do this on Monday.

Tuesday is my Amazon day. This is the day that I focus on taking care of reviews, feedback, inventory forecasting and all things related to my account health.

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Wednesday is specifically set aside for advertising. See what I mean? Each day has its own theme and allows me to focus without having my mind jump from one task to another and destroying my creativity and efficiency. Entrepreneurship can be very lonely. Each week is a roller coaster of emotions. Some days you are on top of the world and some days you are at the depths of the despair. Staying level headed is often one of the hardest challenges.

When I first began to work from home I would wake up and start working in my bed. Because I had so much to do I would work while eating breakfast, work while eating lunch, and work almost any time of the day. This was a huge mistake.

10 Life Lessons I have Learned in Last Few Years

After a few months of this I became depressed. I had completely forgotten about taking care of myself. To be very honest, it was a an extremely difficult time for me in my life. Since then, I have come to learn a lot more about mental health, screening, and how early identification can change the trajectory of lives.

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My job is to look at the 2. Every day I see what people are asking, what kind of help they need, and who they are. One of the most difficult skills to teach humans is empathy. So, it can be difficult to explain to people who lack experience with mental health how our screening program works. I often suggest that the person takes a screen related to what they are currently feeling might be problematic in their life.

I do this professionally and personally — even at parties.

Each time I do, I get a little better at understanding how people think about their mental health. Right after finishing the show, the binge-watchers scored the highest on a quiz about it, but after days, they scored lower than the weekly viewers. They also reported enjoying the show less than did people who watched it once a day, or weekly.

People are binging on the written word, too. The information is not yet knowledge, but we are fooled to believe that it has been transferred into our brains and will stay there forever. The lesson from his binge-watching study is that if you want to remember the things you watch and read, space them out. I used to get irritated in school when an English-class syllabus would have us read only three chapters a week, but there was a good reason for that. Memories get reinforced the more you recall them , Horvath says.

Every time you revisit the subject you are trying to learn, the more you reinforce the idea into your long term memory. Give yourself a few hours and try to recall it yourself without looking at the study material.

Just Be: and Other Things I have Learned
Just Be: and Other Things I have Learned
Just Be: and Other Things I have Learned
Just Be: and Other Things I have Learned
Just Be: and Other Things I have Learned
Just Be: and Other Things I have Learned
Just Be: and Other Things I have Learned

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