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Migrating to the cloud can be both a scary and exciting experience. Whether your journey to the cloud is just beginning, in progress or already completed, there are many design and security questions you should address upfront to avoid future pitfalls.

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A security strategy and methodology that adapts to the shifting operational paradigm of the cloud is crucial to protect sensitive data throughout the system life cycle. Furthermore, a holistic approach focusing on core foundational cloud security elements such as data , networks and people is a key driver for success. Data is an important asset in any technology enterprise, and security teams should protect it accordingly.

Personally identifiable information PII , protected health information PHI , intellectual property IP and financial data are just some of the many types of data maintained by organizations. Each data type may have its own protection and accessibility requirements. Implementing appropriate protection measures is dependent on effectively inventorying and categorizing organizational data. Encryption of data at rest using strong cryptographic ciphers can help protect organizational data from unauthorized viewing or modification in the event of a compromise.

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Data and workload isolation for specific data types may also benefit organizations with highly sensitive data to help prevent accidental spillage. It raises the risk of shadow IT , where cybersecurity teams have no visibility into the tools being used by employees, what is being accessed or where data is being stored.

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That is where cloud access security broker CASB capabilities can come into play. When interposed between end users and cloud services, a CASB can govern the use of organizational resources and services, giving the organization visibility into traffic coming in and out of its boundaries.

Encryption between individual endpoints is another core element of securing network traffic and resources. CASBs facilitate device authorization to help protect network communications. Strong encryption, coupled with robust certificate management, can help organizations maintain the confidentiality and integrity of their data as it moves throughout the world. Additional cloud technologies, such as security groups, go beyond the traditional boundary firewall concept to allow organizations to create tailored policies to filter IP traffic at the individual system level.

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Security groups can scale to provide an adaptable cloud security posture alongside changes to infrastructure. There is a quiet change going on in computing that can alter the landscape of the software and information industries.

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Cloud computing promises to provide various information services at a lower cost and change the model of capitalizing IT investment for software entrepreneurs and businesses. What are the implications of this trend?

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As a viewpoint this article is based on personal reflection and analysis of trends in computing. This article outlines the key advantages of cloud computing and its likely implications on corporate IT strategy, software innovation and pricing. Increasingly IT will migrate to clouds, software innovation will burgeon as new vendors find less barriers to enter software businesses and pricing will be by use of applications. This reflective viewpoint provides pragmatic critical thinking on a key business and technology transformation.

Kambil, A. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds
Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds
Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds
Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds
Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds
Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds
Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds
Head in the Clouds Head in the Clouds

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