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Getting to and from HAN

Of course, if you really want to keep the cost to travel Vietnam down super low, then there are lots of good free activities, including visiting temples and pagodas and walking around enjoying the bustle of the cities. Thang Long Citadel: Ngoc Son Temple. You can find another one cheaper and better. If you have any question, please feel free to ask AZ Local Trip!

We are always here to help. Vietnam is a beautiful country with more than year history and a wonderful place with a variety of tasteful dishes, spectacular sceneries as well as friendly people. Getting around.

Itinerary in hanoi. Activities in Halong. Information in Halong Bay. Getting Around. Itinerary in Halong Bay. Activities in Ninh Binh. Itinerary in ninh binh. Ninh Binh Itinerary. Activities in Sapa. Sapa Attractions. Information in Sapa. Activities in Vietnam. Attractions in Vietnam. Itinerary in Vietnam. Vietnam Itinerary. Infomation in Vietnam. Getting Around Vietnam. We would love to share with you some experience that may help you out with better Vietnam trip planning How Much does it Cost to Travel to Hanoi, Vietnam?

Our Vietnam Budget Guide

In the infographic below, Vietnamese Dong is shortened by three decimal places. If you are one of those who has chosen Hanoi for your next trip and are planning an itinerary, we think you should notice some details before coming here: In Vietnam, We use the Dong VND. You can also save money by booking buses and trains in advance If you are a budget traveler: To make sure you keep your cost to travel to Vietnam in check, go straight to the bus station or train station to book your tickets. If you would like to have smooth holily day, you can book via hotel or travel agency in advance Cyclo - a transport vehicle you can try to go around the streets in Hanoi Cost of Transport in Hanoi Bus: A ticket is 7.

Write Comment. Their bun cha is to die for too. This budget covers a stay in a large hostel dorm, eating street food for all of your meals pho and bahn mi are very filling! On this budget, you can also enjoy free walking tours as well as a cheap attraction or two per day.

You can also double up on the sightseeing on this budget and do more guided tours. You can use the chart below to get some idea of how much you need to budget daily, depending on your travel style. Who knows? We just want to give you a general idea of how to make your budget. Prices are in USD. Hanoi is a very large city, and you will not always be able to rely on your own two feet to get around. Be sure to have small bills. Hanoi also has an electric trolleybus system too. There are 14 stops in the Old Quarter and around Kiem Lake, with the main departure point at the north end of the lake.

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The Quarter is best explored on foot anyway, but the bus is a good option for anyone with mobility issues. Make sure you negotiate the price ahead of time, for the whole group. Taxi — Metered taxis in Hanoi all charge about the same rates. Keep in mind that taxi drivers here are notorious for rigging their meters. I would avoid taxis if you can. Ride-Share — Grab is available in Hanoi. It works just like Uber: you ride in a private car with a private driver.

Autumn and spring are the two best seasons for visiting Hanoi. Autumn is from September to November, while spring is from March through April. Most visitors come to Hanoi during these months, so expect crowds at most attractions.

On the other hand, this is the best time to explore the city on foot, as the heat is less overwhelming. The rainy season lasts from May to September. Violent crime against travelers is very rare. The thing you really need to look out for here are scams and theft.


Vietnam Money and Cost

Be sure to always count your change. Always count your change here! Other people will add extra zeros to a bill and insist that this is the final price you agreed on. Most people are really just going to try to nickel and dime you and try to get you to spend extra money since they know, as a tourist, you have more than they do.

Just keep an eye out. Worried about travel scams? Always trust your gut instinct. If a taxi driver seems shady, stop the cab and get out. If your hotel is seedier than you thought, get out of there. Make copies of your personal documents, including your passport and ID. The most important piece of safety advice I can offer is to purchase good travel insurance. Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations.

You can use the widget below to find the policy right for you:. Below are my favorite companies to use when I travel to Hanoi. They are included here because they consistently turn up the best deals, offer world-class customer service and great value, and overall, are better than their competitors.

The complete guide to: Hanoi travel

If you want something a different backpack, refer to my article on how to choose the best travel backpack with more tips, advice, and backpack suggestions! Author Graham Holliday has lived in Vietnam a long time, and he sure knows his food. The introduction is even written by Anthony Bourdain! The story focuses on the narrator, a communist double agent who lives two lives — a half-French, half-Vietnamese army captain who comes to the United States after the Fall of Saigon, but while building a life with other Vietnamese refugees in LA is reporting back to his superiors in Vietnam.

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Each teaching and story is short — sometimes just half a page — so it makes for a great travel read that you can pick up when you feel the need. This book shows you how to easily collect and redeem travel points so you can get free airfare and accommodation.

Kristin Addis writes our solo female travel column and her detailed guide gives specific advice and tips for women travelers.

This book features interviews with dozens of teachers and detailed information on how to land your dream job and make money overseas. Want more info? Top 5 Things to See and Do in Hanoi 1.

Getting around Hanoi

Wander around the Old Quarter. Visit the Temple of Literature. Built in and originally dedicated to Confucius, the Van Mieu temple is one of the oldest structures in the country. The Fine Arts Museum is a must-see. Wander around Hoan Kiem Lake. Come early in the morning to watch throngs of people practicing Tai Chi before their working day begins. In the center of the lake is the Tortoise Pagoda, a shrine to the famous giant turtles that used to live in the lake.

He lies here in a grey concrete mausoleum not far from the museum dedicated to his life and the house he used to live in. Admission is free. Other Things to See and Do in Hanoi 1. Watch a water puppet show Water Puppetry as an art form that dates back over a millennium. Tour Hoa Lo Prison U.

Hanoi Travel Cost Guide Hanoi Travel Cost Guide
Hanoi Travel Cost Guide Hanoi Travel Cost Guide
Hanoi Travel Cost Guide Hanoi Travel Cost Guide
Hanoi Travel Cost Guide Hanoi Travel Cost Guide
Hanoi Travel Cost Guide Hanoi Travel Cost Guide
Hanoi Travel Cost Guide Hanoi Travel Cost Guide

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