Amazing Grace

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Hymn: Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace The music cannot be played on your browser. Text Piano Guitar. Comment Your Name. Your Comment. Cancel Comment. Sep 26 Chika Portharcort, Rivers, Nigeria.

Amazing Grace

Sep 24 Lord Your grace is indeed amazing wow I love the song beautiful. Sep 12 Sep 3 Jeancarlos Gomez. Aug 24 Aug 18 Aug 5 Aug 4 May someone help me on verse 4. What is being referred to as "ten thousand years"? Which time frame is this? Jul 28 Apostle George Kasonde Lusaka, Zambia. These songs never fade.

Category: Assurance and Joy of Salvation. Subcategory: Saved by Grace. Music: Traditional American melody. Key: G Major. Meter: 8. After enduring the punishment, I again fled. I entertained thoughts of suicide on my way to Africa, deciding that would be the place I could get farthest from anyone that knew me. And again I made pact with the devil to live for him. Somehow, through a process of events, I got in touch with a Portuguese slave trader, and I lived in his home. His wife, who was brimming with hostility, took a lot of it out on me.

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She beat me, and I ate like a dog on the floor of the home. If I refused to do that, she would whip me with a lash. I fled penniless, owning only the clothes on my back, to the shoreline of Africa where I built a fire, hoping to attract a ship that was passing by. The skipper thought that I had gold or slaves or ivory to sell and was surprised because I was a skilled navigator.

And it was there that I virtually lived for a long period of time. It was a slave ship it was not uncommon for as many as six hundred blacks from Africa to be in the hold of the ship, down below, being taken to America. I went through all sorts of narrow escapes with death only a hair breath away on a number of occasions. One time I opened some crates of rum and got everybody on the crew drunk.

The skipper, incensed with my actions, beat me, threw me down below, and I lived on stale bread and sour vegetables for an unendurable amount of time.

He brought me above to beat me again, and I fell overboard. And I lived with the scar in my side, big enough for me to put my fist into, until the day of my death. On board, I was inflamed with fever. I was enraged with the humiliation. A storm broke out, and I wound up again in the hold of the ship, down among the pumps. To keep the ship afloat, I worked alone as a servant of the slaves. There, bruised and confused, bleeding, diseased, I was the epitome of the degenerate man.

I remember the words of my mother. I cried out to God, the only way I knew, calling upon His grace and mercy to deliver me, and upon His Son to save me.

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The only glimmer of light I would find was in a crack in the ship in the floor above me, and I looked up to it and screamed for help. God heard me.

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Thirty-one years passed, I married a childhood sweetheart. I entered the ministry. My tombstone above my head reads:. Born , died A clerk, once an infidel and libertine, a servant of slaves in Africa, was by the rich mercy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, preserved, restored, pardoned, and appointed to preach the faith he once long labored to destroy. And that has become this song.

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Thus are born tales of wild storms and pacts with God, as are stories about religious awakenings that prompted a slaver to set his cargo free. John Newton first worked as a slave buyer in Africa and later moved on to a position of captain on slave ships. He continued to make his living in the slave trade after becoming a Christian at the age of 23 in A violent storm at sea brought about his commitment to Christianity, but it was escaping with his own life that inspired him to get religion, not guilt over enslaving others. Newton quit the sea and the slave trade in or He did not free any of his merchandise on that trip, or on any others.

Though he might have become a Christian, he did not yet allow it to interfere with his making a living. In or , he became a Tides Surveyor in Liverpool a form of Customs Officer charged with searching for contraband and paid with half the swag taken from others. It was at this point Newton first began to express an interest in the ministry, but at the time was unable to decide between the Methodist and Anglican faiths. He was ultimately ordained a priest in the Church of England in According to one biographer, the hymn was penned along with a great many others during an informal hymn-writing competition he was having with William Cowper, another noted hymn writer.

Thus, the bare bones of the story are true: A former slave trader did compose one of the most moving hymns of our times.

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