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If this is not a satisfying answer, just say yes to one extra social plan this week to create for yourself the illusion of action. Everything in your past already happened and there is nothing really you can do about it. Unburden yourself from the obligation to constantly fight against unchangeable bygone situations. Strive to do better in the future, and not in some grandiose, compulsive way.

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Just try to make the small, good choice every time you are presented with a new choice to make. You do not need to think about whether you should go to graduate school today. You have already missed most deadlines for the year, so that recurrent tangent can be shelved once again until at least June. You may put an event on your calendar now to remind you to resume considering it then. Your life would be marginally more exciting for a few months due to the stress and thrill of moving, and then it would eventually be the same because you are the only constant in your life.

Everything is fine. You can re-up on goals at any time. You can restart your day at any time. If you have failed at something you were trying to do, or soured your day too soon with depression, you can restart from the beginning at any moment. Just go in the bathroom and close your eyes for a second and come back out and restart your day. A goal you set at a. Do not think about winter as one long dense block of grayness. Just take each day in chunks of a few light-gray hours. Keep in touch with friends. Explore music. Blast Head Records.

As good as the other albums are this one just drives on all cylinders with those catchy sections that get stuck in your head.

Everything is Fine

Very well written and recorded. Totally a surprise release! Favorite track: Passengers. Simon finally!!!! Chris Fleming. Nathan Haag.

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    In response to ‘Howdy Modi’, PM Modi says ‘everything is fine’ in different Indian languages

    Christopher Barrett. Purchasable with gift card. Translucent Beer with Cherry Cola splatter! Everything Is Fine t-shirt featuring fantastic artwork by SterioDesign! Thousand Islands Records Edition.

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    Everything is Fine Everything is Fine

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